Skin Deep Spa

Life is short... Your lashes don't have to be!



Before Your Lash Appointment

• Avoid caffeinated beverages before eye lash extension appointments.

• Thoroughly remove all mascara and eye make up the evening before your appointment.

• Cleanse your lashes the morning of your appointment, do not wear mascara to appointment.

• Avoid excessive moisturizers, sunscreens, and serums around your lashes and under eye area.

Extension Care

• NovaLash adhesives are all INSTANTLY water, oil, and sweat resistant.

• Do not use mascara.

• Do not use an eyelash curler.

• Avoid excessive heat such as a sauna. When removing items from the oven do not expose lashes, this will potentially straighten the extensions.

• Avoid cotton products such as cotton balls, swabs and rounds.

• Avoid wash cloths on lashes.

• Do not pick pull or twist the eyelash extensions.

Avoid all waterproof products.

Products containing: Glycols, PEG 50+, Urea, & Micellar water will cause damage to lashes and should be avoided.

• Avoid sleeping directly on extensions.

• Brush lashes daily.

Cleaning Your Extensions

• Wet face with water.

• Apply cleanser.

• While cleansing your skin gently push cleanser into lash line.

• Flush with water.

• Use a clean mascara wand to “brush” lashes. Begin mid-shaft and gently comb upwards if necessary.

• It is important to clean your lashes daily to maintain the extensions.